iPhone 4 announced! What we didn’t already know!

iPhone 4 announced! What we didn’t already know!

What a buzz the new iPhone 4 has made! The crowds are yelling!! Give it to us!!! Give it to us!! Not yet guys… In US you should wait a little longer till June 24… Rest of the world…. mid Summer.

But what was announced yesterday in Apples’s WWDC that we didn’t already know from the infamous Gizmodo leak last month? We sure have seen the thing before! But now we know it IS the real thing. It IS the final and not a prototype design.

I won’t go on listing all the phone’s features… There are all over the web… and if you want some help finding them Gizmodo has iPhone 4: The Definitive Guide, Engadget announces it here and if you want the standard marketing stuff (with a lot of extra info as a plus) head to the “mothership”.

So whats new? What we didn’t know till yesterday?

Retina Display (960×640 pixels)

A new glorious Screen! This is huge! From what I hear is almost like you read a printed book! Great for photos, great for videos! 326 pixel per inch! This is higher than a printed magazine page! Imagine that! Some comments on the display around the net… “It looks insane in person!”, “Ubelievable”!

24% Thinner!

Again… Great feat! Not that the current 3GS model is thick but this one is a lot better! 9.3mm better in comparison to the 12.3mm of the 3GS.

Improved battery time

Actually the improvement is not great in terms of talk time (2 hours) and non existent in Stand By time (300h), but then again the new display should be juicing out a lot more power.

Gyroscope hardware

The iPhone can now “sense” movement around 6 axis! This is going to bring into the game a whole new breed of apps and games I think!

5 mega pixels sensor

The focus is in picture quality and not mega pixels count.  The sensor has a higher ISO sensitivity and it sure captures magnificent photos judging from the samples. A LED flash is available that doubles as a light for video shots.

HD (720p 30fps) video capture

Yeah baby! Combine this with iMovie and you ‘re done!

iMovie available as an app

The app demo during the keynote was just impressive! It resembles the full iMovie experience except from the smaller screen.

FaceTime app for video calls

Despite the not so intuitive name the app is cool. It only supports WiFi calls though and iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 calling only. It is very well implemented, in all Apple simplistic glory, and it may actually be used more than other similar features on smartphones in the past, considering that you are not going to be charged for the call since you are using WiFi.

iPhone OS 4 renamed to iOS 4

It was a little bit awkward to say that all those iPads out there run a phone OS, wasn’t it? Problem fixed! Hundreds of new features software wise are unveiled by the OS roll out… Available on most iPhone’s out there in a few days… not only iPhone 4… !


– Glass Front and Back means fingerprints on both sides (didn’t see that coming huh?)

– Not so impressive battery times in my opinion. Plenty of room for improvement

– No physical camera zoom! Ok, ok… i know its not an actual camera and its so thin and all… but wouldn’t it be nice?

– Syncs with iTunes! Never liked that one!

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