5 online ad networks to help you monetize your site or blog

Researching ways to monetize traffic online I’ve come across various online ad networks. I haven’t had the chance to try all of these by myself but I spent quite a few hours digging around, so I thought it would be useful to compile a list of online networkss that can help you monetize your site or blog once you have reached a certain traffic volume.

Text Link Ads is a link brokerage service. Advertisers can buy link advertisements on a flat rate per month while choosing on which site their ad will be placed on. Their price is calculated by an algorithm that is based on target site’s traffic, theme, ad position and link popularity.

Publishers are informed on the interest of advertisers and have the option to approve or decline an ad placement on their site or blog.

Bidvertiser is kind of a auction for your ad space. The service handles all the bidding and makes the highest paying advertiser available to you. You can choose whether or not to accept an ad placement on your site and you can be payed per click through paypal with a $10 minimum. Bidvertiser also has an affiliate program for referring both advertisers and publishers with a generous payout per lead generated.

Azoogleads is one of the big players in online advertizing. They offer some of the most generous affiliate deals in a very wide range of topics to match your site or blog. It is a CPA network (cost per action or acquisition) with payouts from $1 to $100 per action. Azn provides a great range of tools to manage your publisher account through the use of your iPhone, blackberry or G1/myTouch while you can also participate in monthly contests for various gadgets based on the leads you generate.

Clicksor is a contextual ads service, offering text ads, graphical ads and in-line link ads. It’s technology allows it to display ads related to your content thus maximizing your click through rates. To participate you must enjoy more than 5000 page views per day and you can be paid bi-monthly for as low as $50 generated. It has a pretty interesting administration interface where you can manage your ads and see reports of your earnings.

Adbrite is an ad network that provides text, inline, banners and full page ads. It has no traffic threshold to participate so it may be suitable for startup site owners that are in the process of building their traffic stream. Ads look a little bit like google AdSense and the kind of ads served through the provided code that you insert in your site are of a contextual nature. Banner ads and full page ads pay out based on CPM (coste per thousand impressions) while text ads pay out based on a CPC (cost per click) model

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