3 Google Street View alternatives worth knowing about!

Ok , I’m sure you know Google StreetView, the service that lets you walk through a large number of cities throughout the world just like you were there. Google StreetView may have the greatest number of available cities but did you know there are other similar services with even better quality and additional services on top?

1. MapJack

MapJack is a service similar to StreetView but with far better image quality. It covers a bunch of cities in the US and in Thailand at the time, but they keep adding more. You can control the quality of the displayed image, view hotspots, change brightness and sharpness. The guys at MapJack claim that their technology is far more cheaper to implement than others and they are accepting invitations to cities that want to be mapped with very reasonable prices.

2. EveryScapeEveryScape

Everyscape covers several cities, mostly in US and some in China, Poland and New Zealand. It targets more business uses of its technology allowing not just street level imagery but also interiors of businesses, restaurants, bar, stores etc. Businesses can contact EveryScape in order to be included in its catalog making their products and offerings available to a broad audience virtually walking through covered cities.

3. Norcnorc

Norc offers virtual walks through cities in Central and Eastern Europe. It currently covers cities in Romania, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Russia. They are using a proprietary technology to generate the geo-referenced panoramas that constitute the service.

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