6+ More Google Street View alternatives!

6+ More Google Street View alternatives!

A while back we have presented here in WebOffpring 3 google StreetView alternative services that you could use to visually navigate through a city. It seems there are more, though… so I thought I’ll let you know about them.

1. Seety

Seety is a UK based company that produces images with a Google StreetView look & feel. As far as I can see they just cover London for now with images that look of a lower quality than Google’s. They say that they can use their proprietary technology to shoot any city their customers desire since they offer their expertise as a service too. They claim that their images can be combined with any map provider such as Microsoft Maps, Google Maps, Multimap.. etc. One thing I noticed though, is that their controls, that resemble Google’s controls of rotating and navigating through the images, are a little bit less acurate than Google’s.

2. Earthmine

Earthmine uses a system similar to Google StreetView cameras to gather their images. They claim that their images are so accurate that they can be used to measure distances and sizes of objects, buildings etc. Their products target businesses, so there isn’t a freely available application for consumers to try out, but they do have some videos and samples on their site and they seem very promising. The company has an agreement that lets it use algorithms and software created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) , technologies used on the Mars Exploration Rover as well.

3. Cyclomedia

While others have street imagery, Cyclomedia has Cycloramas. They use cars that scan cities with special cameras on top and they capture images that they combine with exact geo references and orientations to visualise cities, states and countries. The quality of the imagery seems good. They also offer various services to let you capture your own city or property. Their site seems it needs some more work though. One drawback is that their Cycloramas require an ActiveX control viewer and are more like 360 view panoramas. Not very StreetView alike hah? A project of their’s named CycloCity looks more like Streetview but it seems like their site isn’t updated on this just yet.

4. Location View

Ok, I admit it. I didn’t read this on their site cause it is all in Japanese and the only Japanese word I know is “Toyota”. Wikipedia mentions though that LocationView offers registered users street level views of selected cities in Japan. (Cities list here). It also mentions that Location View’s images viewing has a high frame rate (probably by using a browser plugin) allowing for lifelike motion and surroundings. What’s interesting though is that the images are captured by hired retired taxicab drivers that drive around cities with their camera equipped vehicles.

5. Bing Maps

Microsoft has various services that resemble Streetview. There is Live Search Maps where you can choose a race car, a sports car, a yellow car or.. just walk around Seatle, WA or San Francisco city centers. There are various satellite, aerial or bird’s eye view imagery that you can use in Bing maps. They have also recently added 3D Maps with whole cities reconstructed in 3D, with buildings and all, textured with images’ parts from aerial photographs to achieve a near-photo-realistic result. But their latest feature is Bing StreetSide photos where they combine their own street level images with users’ images that they appear exactly on the spot that they were taken. The result is depicted in the screenshot above and it is amazing. This is what their fantastic Photosynth technology can do.

6. Kapou

Kapou, meaning “somewhere” in Greek, is a Greek StreetView alike service that covers a small part of the Greek city of Thessaloniki. They use Google Maps or Bing aerial photos to help the user pick a street but they have their own captured street level images to show. The quality is not the best I’ve seen but, as far as I know, Kapou is the only service that covers this part of the world with street level images.

More.. remotely related:


Combines Google Maps and a Wiki system providing information on various points on earth.

Google Earth

Displays satellite images of varying resolution of the Earth’s surface, allowing users to see things like cities and houses looking perpendicularly down or at an oblique angle, with perspective.

TeleAtlas Advanced City Models

Three-dimensional representations of major city centers that are to be used in car and portable navigation systems.


Based on Earthmine’s technology of StreetView like images WildStyleCity is a virtual graffiti application letting graffiti artists express themselves on virtual walls.

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