What is WebOffspring?

WebOffspring is a blog that provides web related news, info, tips, app suggestions, marketing and online money making opportunities and last but not least… inspiration.

We are not there just yet… but the target for WebOffspring is to be a complete resource of successful online apps, resources sites, best-of lists, top selections, thoughts, and more… and just about everything else webish that matters.

Time is tight, as this is not my main business but I’ll do my best… well…I’ ll try… hmm I think I’ll manage to post frequently!
Not all stuff around the site are complete yet. I’ m painting the walls and moping the floors… so don’t be all judgmental on me just yet… but we’ll come to something good I hope!

Who is behind this?

Nikos is the editor of WebOffspring. Nikos has many years of experience on web technologies, he is currently employed as an R&D manager in a Web Agency in Greece and he is responsible for the development and growth of his agency’s Web Content Management System. Nikos holds a Computer Science degree and an MSc in eCommerce Technology, and his interests lie in the Content Management, eCommerce and Web Publishing area. He’s been involved in the development of numerous big sites and web projects, as well as in the design and implementation of several Web applications.

Come along

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