5 web development blogs you should have your eyes on!

There are a lot out there. And I mean blogs about web design, development, online marketing etc. Some stand out though!

1. Seomoz


“SEOmoz serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide, providing education, tools, resources and paid services to help every SEO to be the best they can be.”

Seomoz is a great resource for all search engine optimization related info. It has a great collection of high quality articles in various categories ranging from usability to marketing to web development and a great collection of online SEO tools such as link quality checking, popularity metrics, geotargeting detection and more… many of them free and some more sophisticated for a small fee.

2. Smashing Magazine


“Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers.”

Smashing magazine is probably the most complete and thorough blog of its kind. It delivers articles in several design, productivity, web development and sooo many more categories. The articles are usually formed as list that leave nothing to be desired. Some examples are “53 CSS Techniques” or “100 WordPress Themes” which are effectively, each and everyone of them, the outcome of a research done for you.

3. Six Revisions


“Six Revisions is a weblog that provides practical, useful information for the modern, standards-compliant web designer and web developer”

A valuable resource, Six Revisions, targets mostly designers and bloggers offering several high quality articles, design tutorials and free stuff such as icon collections, textures etc.

4. WP Engineer


“WPengineer was created by 3 WordPress Junkies, who love WordPress. We always try to show ways to make WordPress a little bit better, more convenient, more flexible or in short – just awesome!”

WP engineer is a blog around the famous WordPress blogging engine from a little bit more technical eye. It provides tips for squeezing out the best that WordPress has to offer. I has a large collection of hacks, plugin suggestions, tutorials and news to help you make sure that WordPress fits your needs.

5. Hongkiat


“Online tips for tech users, designers, bloggers”

Hongkiat despite the a little bit difficult to pronounce name is frequently updated web design and development blog. With categories such as Tools, Inspiration, Web 2.0, How-To etc. doesn’t leave much to be desired in its field. Pay it a visit for your daily informational and inspirational needs.

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