How to easily host your own sites and access your files from anywhere.

How to easily host your own sites and access your files from anywhere.

Once in a while a new product comes along that it is actually worth mentioning. This isn’t a gadget blog per se but I had blogged about interesting gadgets before and this is one you might be interesting in… and I’m almost ready to buy it myself.

It’s name is Tonido plug. It rides on the cloud hype of our times and markets itself as a cloud in a plug. It surely is a plug… I don’t know if it is a cloud though. What it is.. is a petite home server disquised as a power plug.

It encloses a 1.2 GHz Sheeva processor and runs an embedded Ubuntu Jaunty Linux OS. You plug it in a power socket, connect it to your router and to your external hard drive or usb stick and presto… you have a NAS and can start sharing Photos, Songs or files or even stream media to your XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3.

On top of that there are a number of pre-installed web-based applications running on Tonido (Torrent, Photos, Jukebox, Webshare, Workspace, Thots, Search and Explorer) and Codelathe, the company behind Tonido, promesses that there are more applications on the way which you can buy from their App store.

What’s more interesting is that they also sell a custom LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) image for Tonido so there is no reason why you couldn’t even run your own PHP apps on it… or even your WordPress blog for that matter. They also offer a dynamic DNS service so you can host your sites on Tonido even without a static IP address.Ok, I’m sure the performance won’t be phenomenal but it is kind of a neat way of sharing files or hosting small sites without having to leave your main pc on all the time.They sell it for $99 dollars as is… and there is an additional $49 for the LAMP image. If you hurry there is even a $10 discount cause guess what…. there are out of stock and they want to make you a little bit more happy to wait.

I have to say that I’m in no way affiliated with the company that sells it.

If I manage to get my hands on it I’ll definitely share the experience.

Here are some more mentions of Tonido on the web… Some in favor of it some not…

4. Tonido

So what you think about it? How would you use it yourself?

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