How to easily capture full page screenshots!

Do you ever need to take a screen shot of a web page to add to an article, a presentation or a document?  I sure do. And while each keyboard has a Print Screen button it rarely captures only what you need (you can always use Alt+Prt Sc to capture only the active window), so you’ll have to use paint, photoshop or whatever image manipulation software you have at your disposal to keep only the part of the capture you need.

1. Online service

To avoid all the hassle there is an interesting online tool that you can use to do exactly that… get a capture of a web page in either .jpg or .png format. You can also choose whether you want just the top screen or the full page height. The name: SuperScreenshot. Enter the url to capture, and depending on the queue, your screen capture will be available for download in a matter of seconds.

2. Firefox Addon

If you just don’t want to wait and you are using firefox there is a addon available to do exactly that… Screengrab. Screengrab adds a context menu item that allows you to save a copy of the whole page that you’re viewing or just it’s visible part, at either to a file or to your clipboard, while you can also capture a specific selection of the page or the whole browser window.

3. Desktop utility

If none of the above works for you and you just need a plain old desktop utility to do your grabs with, then you can always use WebShot. With a minimal interface and enough features to make you happy you can use it to save screen grabs of web pages to various formats, specify the size of the output file and also batch capture a series of web pages that you have on file.

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