How to find any file or folder in a snap!

How to find any file or folder in a snap!

If you are a Windows user and have tried the integrated search feature to find a file or folder you already know that it leaves much to be desired either in terms of accuracy or performance.

In case your disks are formatted in NTFS (and most probably they are) I think you are in luck. There is a fantastic utility out there that makes the searching process a loooot faster. “Everything“, as it’s name is, indexes everything on your pc in a matter of seconds (20.000 files will be indexed in a second, 1.000.000 in a minute). When you run it, it loads every file on your disks in a list which you filter by entering search terms up until you dig out this little file you were searching for all afternoon.

“Everything” supports wildcard search and if you are familiar with RegEx you can use it to perform more complex searches, too. “Everything” is a simple little utility but it is sooo powerful that I’m sure it will save you tons of your valuable time!

Go ahead and download it here.

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