Google phone hits planet earth! Is it worth the hype?

Google phone hits planet earth! Is it worth the hype?

Is it just me or there isn’t anything special about the so called Google phone… or Nexus One… or the officially unnamed phone that Google decided to pass on to some employees to put under the Christmas tree? A lot of bloggers comment of how this phone could change the whole android concept… of how Google is following Apple’s paradigm with the iPhone and a lot more about which version of Android is running whether it is version 2.0.1 or version 2.1. The phone is probably manufactured by HTC and in my opinion it doesn’t turn any heads with its design, form factor or with its non existent exotic technologies or materials.

Engadget has some exclusive photos and some more info on the phone. TechCrunch is following with some more speculation and we are all waiting for the next “big” news…

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