iPhone OS 4 is coming soon to an iPhone near you!

iPhone OS 4 is coming soon to an iPhone near you!

Multitasking anyone? Its coming soon to an iPhone near you. Jobs’ words not mine. This is of course if you haven’t already a jailbroken iPhone where you could install several apps that allow multitasking.

But multitasking isn’t coming alone. It comes with a full new version of the iPhone OS (iPhone OS 4) with several new API’s and over 100 new enchancements for the end users. Just to name a few:

– Multitasking (long awaited)… but apps must support it… not for all apps by default

– Apps Grouping in folders (allows for far more apps on the phone than before… more than 2000 that is)

– iAd… ads on steroids for bigger money making opportunities (for Apple and Developers that is… and bigger annoyance for the rest)

– Spell checking

– User defined wallpapers… duhh

– Blutooth keyboard support

– Tap to focus on video… plus 5x digital zoom (ooook)

– Merged email inboxes… plus more than one exchange account

– iBooks like on iPad… shrinked ;)

– Game Center community just like on your Xbox or PS console

– Character count in SMS and MMS (another breakthrough in phone technology :) )

.. and many more… have a look here.

The Engadget guys where in the keynote venue live blogging the whole iPhone OS announcement. Have a look here.

The full keynote video became available today and you can find it here.

Two five minute long hands on videos can be found here.
For engadget’s hand on with video, comments and glitches here.

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