Space odyssey. A look from above through Twitter!

Space odyssey. A look from above through Twitter!

You all know twitter. You can use it to keep your friends (followers) posted on your news, your work, your trips, your thoughts, etc.

Soichi Noguchi though uses twitter to post the photos he captures, while being up above all of us, inside International Space Station (ISS). Soichi Noguchi (Astro_Soichi), as his WikiPedia entry mentions, is a Japanese aeronautical engineer and a JAXA astronaut. He has been in several space endeavors and he is currently in space as part of the Soyuz TMA-17 crew and Expedition 23 to the International Space Station.

While some of us here on earth don’t have free time at all… Soichi seems he manages to find some which he uses to do what he likes. That is to take photos of different earth spots he finds interesting while the ISS passes above them and post them to twitter for all of us earth inhabitants to see. He has already posted photos from Fiji, Spain, Iceland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Greece and more… and guess what… he keeps on posting.

So keep an eye on his twitter account for new imagery. I already following him myself.

(The photo above was posted from Astro_Soichi just an hour before this post was made and shows Korinthos ship channel (canal) in Greece)

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