Twitter has an official iPhone app… and thats official!

Twitter has an official iPhone app… and thats official!

Its official. Twitter is going to have an official iPhone app and its going to have it soon. They just announced that they acquired Atebits, the company behind the most popular third party iPhone Twitter app, Tweetie and they are going to relaunch it as Twitter for iPhone making it their official app for the device.

Tweetie is a full featured Twitter app and one of the few that allows the management of multiple Twitter accounts. It also offers among others a very useful offline mode, landscape support, images and videos post on the host of your choice, profile editing, enhanced messaging screen , contacts sync with your phone and a very polished interface that is a joy to look at and use.

The announcement of the acquisition was made on April 9th both on the Atebit’s blog and on the official Twitter blog. The new Twitter for iPhone app will be ready for download in a few weeks and the current price of $2.99 will be reduced to “nada”, yes you heard it right…. free.

Loren Brichter that is the man behind the app will be moving into the Twitter mobile team where he will help them build the Twitter for iPad app as well.

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