The most convincing iPhone 4G mock-up or the REAL thing?

The most convincing iPhone 4G mock-up or the REAL thing?

Gizmodo has done it. They say that they have (for more than a week now) on their hands what seems to be the next iPhone, the iPhone 4G, iPhone HD or whatever Apple chooses to name it. They have photos… videos… they even have a convincing?? story behind the acquisition of the device. They say somebody left it somewhere and they got it… while other sites claim they bought it from “someone”. Engadget, on the other side, claims they told us so since they published some blurry photos of the device some days back.

Is this it?

They have the pictures. They have the videos. They compare it side by side with the current iPhone 3GS. They have opened it and noticed Apple labels all over the place. This is sooo unusual for Apple though. They managed to hold on previous versions of the device up until the minute Steve presented them. I won’t go into the details of the device. You can read all about it on Gizmodo. Ok, maybe just a little bit on specifics.

  • Front facing camera… check
  • Better back camera… check
  • Thinner than current model… check
  • More like the other Apple products industrial barebones design… check
  • Glassy back for better signal… check
  • Micro-SIM… check
  • Metallic buttons… guess what? check ;)
  • 16% Larger battery… check
  • Entirely flat back… its there

What happens next?

First things first. Go check out the pictures here and comparison photos there. After that lets think what Apple is going to do.

If this is for real they will probably hunt down and sue the guy who lost it, get the photos removed from the net and redesign the device to have us wondering once again how it will look.

Or maybe they won’t do anything because this could be just a prototype or… an Apple plot to get the interest up a notch. We will only be sure the day that Steve is on stage in WWDC this June.

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