Recession Antidote… Do It Yourself Apple Gadgets!

Recession Antidote… Do It Yourself Apple Gadgets!

Are you still waiting the next “best” iPhone ever before buying? Do you thing that the iPad still lacks some functionality to make it a “real” computer? Are you hit by the recession and your least priority is to push Apple’s stock even higher but still want to get those little flashy gadgets that Steve Jobs makes and markets so damn well?

This is your chance to fool yourself and keep those extra money that you don’t have in your pockets. A collection of paper-craft Apple gadgets to build, show off and use (ok not so much)… and enjoy. There are actual useful things that you can use if you make it to the end of the article… but… watch your fingers with that razor….

iPhone 1st Gen

Apple iPhone Papercraft Model

diy: cut and fold paper iphone

iPhone 3G/3GS

Can’t wait until July 11

Paper iPhone 3G white 16GB V.3 w/ tabs


Paper model iPod


DIY iPad Mockup #3, Our Apple Tablet V2 iPapercraft, Yzinn’s Design, Improved

How to make a paper iPad

MacBook Air

Print your own MacBook Air (Paper)!


Cute macintosh

REAL iPhone Docks

Do you have a real iPhone? Then why don’t you make a dock for it yourself? This is actually something you CAN use!

Iphone and Itouch paper stand / dock

Make your own Cardboard iPhone Dock

How To Create Your Own IPhone Paper Clip Stand

A Paper Steve Jobs to rule them all

Steve jobs shows off mini iphone and ipod

Another Paper Steve Jobs

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